Competence:  Overseeing the daily management of Lucky Stars Barn is the owner, Lenore.  Her on-site residence provides a secure environment and attention to detail.  She and her staff take time to know the horses and their personalities and they pay attention to changes. Friendly and approachable with no “barn drama”, you can rest assured your horse is receiving premium care.

Convenience:  We have provided a central area where you can groom, wash or tack your horse right at your trailer. Overhead lights and electricity are conveniently located here, as well as the tack room and seating.  The main parking is only a few short steps away so you don’t have to waste time walking to your car.

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Kindhearted: Our New Horse Introduction is a unique service which we provide to all new arrivals.  On the day your horse arrives, we don’t just turn them into the herd.  Instead, we give them the time they need to adjust to all the new sights, sounds and smells.  Initially, they meet their new friends over our poly coated fencing.  We have a gentle process of integration .  Once your horse is ready to join their new friends, Lenore will personally oversee the process.

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Care: We have elevated and roofed feeders.  We only feed barn stored, premium hay which is delivered fresh from the grower.  Each bale is checked before it’s fed.  Every horse drinks cool, clean water from our automatically filled water troughs, which are heated in the winter. Cleaning of the shelters and eating areas is done daily.




Comfort:  We keep our seniors safe. We have an area devoted entirely to those special old ones.  They’ve served you well and worked hard their whole life.  Now, it’s their time to relax.  Hay is served throughout the day so there’s never competition for a meal.  Also, since most elderly horses deal with a slower metabolism and arthritis, herd life is relaxed and quiet.  Naps are long and there aren’t any demands from the sassier, young horses.  Their big barn has ample shelter and is centrally located; that way they can enjoy watching all the activity.

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