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Horses at Lucky Stars Barn benefit from the most diligent and perceptive of care.  Lenore amazingly gets to know each of the horses with great attention to detail.  Under her watchful eye I know horses there will get prompt, appropriate medical care, thanks in large part to her astute observation.”

JD Leclair, DVM


“Having moved our horses from one barn to another, We found Lucky Stras Barn via the internet.  The concept of back to the basics and the herd environment proved to be our answer to health and disposition problems we were having.  Not only is Lenore’s facility the best value, her customer service is exceptional.  Within two months, the quality feeding and care provided made an enormous improvement.   Lenore being the sole provider for all her boarders , she knows our horses better than we do.  Clean facility, scheduled as well as excellent quality feed , plenty of room to ride, prompt and curtious customer service, her experience and commitment definatley shows in Lucky Stars Barn.  We never worry about our horses with Lenore around.  An extra benefit of Lucky Stars is her boarders, finally, no drama and the relaxed gatherings around the fire pit are a lot of fun.”  Sue, Heather & Nichole


“Our four mustangs have been boarding with Lenore at Lucky Stars Barn for seven years now.  They get fantastic care, and love being out socializing with all the other horses in the various pastures.  Lenore and her family have taken fantastic care of them over the years, and also have given us great training and care tips since we were total novices- thank goodness she has put up with us!  Seriously, there is no place better than Lucky Stars Barn when you are looking for personal and special care for your equine companions.”

Scott and Karen Erickson


Having cared for horses (foals through seniors) 24/7 for more than 10 years, I am well versed in what all it takes to provide excellent care for horses.  Upon moving to the city and needing to find someone to care for my horse with the same quality of care I provided – finding Lenore/Lucky Stars was truly a God-thing!  I am so grateful for the attentive/excellent care Lenore provides daily for my “Prince/other horses on her property.  She truly “gets it” and I am forever grateful.”

Prince’ s Mom



“I have had my horses with Lucky Stars Barn for 10 years now, and I am very pleased and happy with their care, and I know that they would say the same if they could speak.  It will soon be a year that one of my boys joined the ‘big herd in the great beyond’, not only was my heart broken, but Lenore’s was as well, that just shows how much love she has for the animals that she takes responsibility for.  Great home away from home.”

Toni, owner of Jack and the big guy running free: Star